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The continuous advancement in technology and market evolution has brought about unique payment options. It gave birth to fast and convenient ways to settle transactions. The computer age introduced Point of Sales POS. This took the place of cash registers. It also paved the way for cashless transactions. Now in the age of mobile technology, we have MPOS or Mobile Point of Sale. Buy & Sell products POS

MPOS is a portable point of sale system. Installation can either be in a mobile phone or a tablet. Card readers are often sent to business owners upon registration of the software. Thus, enabling vendors to process credit card transactions. Hand held add- ins like docking stations called sleds is optional. This device allows receipt printing and barcode scanning.

Functionality of MPOS depends on the software. It can be a as simple as a standalone application that links the sale to your bank, or an integrated part of a POS network. Common feature is data encryption and cloud storage, to protect cardholder information.

4 Key Benefits of MPOS

If you are considering MPOS for your business, here are the potential benefits it can bring: Ecommerce Platforms

  1. Improves Customer Service.

On days or events like product launches, customers usually flock the store. MPOS allows you to optimize customer service by completing sales on the spot. Avoiding long queues maximizes the convenience and enhances the buying experience.

  1. Cost Efficient Access Point.

MPOS provides a low-cost access point for efficient and convenient transactions. It eliminates the need for heavy and expensive still terminals. Added features include transaction modification, tender authorization and receipt management. All services delivered with less worries. Point-of-sale security breaches could reduce customer loyalty

  1. Mobility means Efficiency.

Through MPOS retailers increase their chances of completing a sale. The point of decision making on buying or not can vary from one retailer to another. This is an important aspect to consider, not everyone decides on what to buy before walking in. With MPOS associates will able to address every opportunity to complete a sale.

  1. Access to Information.

A lot of customers are now using their smartphones while shopping. Some do research on product information, price comparison and online reviews. Equipping associates with MPOS allows them access to the same information. It gives them the advantage of engaging shoppers at the point of decision.

Old POS systems are bulky they take up a lot of space. They are costly, as a matter of fact some never even had the opportunity to put up one. This is a good business investment as today’s consumers buy what they want, when they want.

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